[Top 5] Best Bicycle Helmets India | Good Quality | Exhaustive Review

[Top 5] Best Bicycle Helmet | Exhaustive Review


We love to ride cycle no matter what the climate is outside and we do because of our love and  passion towards it. While we ride, we consider everything right from the condition of the cycle and other things before we move out. But, it is important to note that we must not go out without wearing a main accessory which is the Helmet. Our head is the most important part of our body and we must not compromise or be lethargic about our safety.

Studies show that 70-80 per cent of cycle accident  are caused mainly due to head injuries due to negligence of wearing helmet. Cycle riders wearing helmet are as low as just 20 per cent which is an alarming statistic. Safety is of the utmost importance and we must not be reluctant since wearing a good safety helmet should be the threshold step before taking out the cycle. We might think why should we ever wear a helmet just because it is a cycle, but many might forget the consequence that might either arise while we travel amidst the huge traffic.

Though we drive safely, we do not know the urgency or the mindset of the fellow riders going and they might cause accident. Considering this unfortunate  situation, we must re-emphasize to our mind that we should wear helmet no matter what the situation is outside.

Hence we come to the main topic where we discuss about the top 5  best bicycle helmet based upon the quality standards, safety etc while we leave out the main element ‘price’ . Do not worry, we will here discuss the helmet which is not too costly for the security it provides. We must urge and stress about the only sole point which is that safety must be our sole and primary choice.

Strauss cycling helmet

Our first in the list is Strauss cycling helmet . The Strauss cycling helmet is perfect for any type of rider.

It softens your head and protects your brain. It sits on well with your head and there is no need of any problem for the rider to adjust it frequently. This helmet minimizes the side effects such as Peripheral vision.

The material in which it is made of is high quality   micro-shell which allows more air to enter your head thus cools down you without causing any adverse effects on the security of your head.

It is made of aerodynamic design with comfortable foam inside which absorbs impact with multiple vents. The strap is conveniently adjustable and has a removable visor.

Let us look at the key features of this cycling helmet so that we can get a clear picture,

  • Made from PVC, PC & EPS foam
  •  Standard size and easily adjustable
  • Equipped with the easy-use dial system and side straps makes it to get adjusted with different head sizes
  • Lightweight and the inner pad uses breathable material for a comfort wear
  • Ventilation – Honeycomb type 18 vents
  • 54-62cm adjustable strap can meet the needs of most cycling riders

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Triumph Spartan- Cycling helmet

The next helmet we are going to see is Triumph Spartan. This brand is well known for providing full safety and security with brand assurance. The reason most people trust this helmet is due to the quality.

It weighs just 350 grams  and the inner material is made of expanded polystyrene. As you can see the helmet is light weight but on the other hand it is harder too. It does not gives you a feel of discomfort and makes us complacent.

The benefits as you can get is that it perfectly fits on to your head and gives you a proper vision without disturbing and the good news is that it ultimately benefits the riders wearing spectacles.

Let us see some of the other features of this helmet

  • Can be used for  Cycling and  Skating
  • Built with  Light Weight Fibre
  • Adjustable helmet with good ventilation 
  • Made from  PVC, pc and eps foam material
  • Ideal for both men and women

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Jaspo B- cycling helmet


The next we are going to talk about is Jaspo B cycling helmet. This excellent helmet comes with other features such as knee support and elbow support apart from the main element helmet. It is a great deal for any riders since it is affordable and on the other hand you receive other benefits along with it. You might be in a dilemma whether it completely serve the purpose considering the quality and safety. There is no doubt that this helmet is a great deal of profit and it does not snub the core purpose which is security.

Let us see some of its distinct feature before we arrive into the conclusion,

  • Comes with combo of a helmet, knee and elbow guard
  • Made of high-density strengthen foam, good elasticity
  • Breathable fabric keeps skin dry, and more comfort
  • Ergonomic design, super lightweight, provides freedom of movement
  • An ideal knee protector for outdoor sports
  • Protect and Prevent knee injuries during exercise
  • Keep warm, prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints
  • Effectively impact resistance, increase blood circulation

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Kamachi – Cycling helmet


The brand Kamachi is know for producing multi sports equipment ranging from skating, shoes and other stuffs.

It is known for manufacturing genuine high quality product with affordable price. Once uch product we will see today is the Kamachi cycling helmet and it is the best in the business since it is made from high grade materials and it is sturdy , strong , efficient too. This helmet is designed to meet the current safety standards and they are lightweight and comfortable.

It comes in different sizes ranging from small, medium and large with size adjuster knob system and side straps so that it can be adjusted towards different head sizes.

The aerodynamic and ventilation design in this helmet allows air to go through the biking helmet and thus aids in increasing the speed and comfort  to wear.

Let us see the some of the features of this helmet,

  • Can be used for both Cycling and skating
  • Adjustable helmet with 9 air vents
  • Ideal for unisex
  • White EPS with thick PVC shell in multi patterns
  • Budget friendly with high quality
  • With size adjuster knob, user can adjust size easily

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Jaspo Multi utility sport- Ccycling helmet

The next and final in our list will be the Jaspo multi utility helmet. It is a treat for us wearing this helmet since it comes in camouflage design. While looking at this helmet we will definitely be obsessed with the structure and the quality of the helmet. It gives you maximum fulfillment in terms of quality and safety.

When we go out for a ride this helmet can be a perfect go for us. While we focus on the main criteria, we can infer that it comes with three sizes namely small , medium and large which is 56 cm, 58 cm and 62 cm respectively. It gives full ventilation to the head and the adjustable strap is flexible and hold perfectly onto the chin without disturbing  your ride.

Let us look into the features of this helmet which makes it unique to consider,

  • Multi-sporting gear
  • Impact resistant as it is made from PVC , PC and EPS
  • Multiple vents gives space for air to flow
  • The foam helps to absorb sweat without causing discomfort
  • Ideal for unisex and budget friendly

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