TATA Stryder Harris Bicycle | Complete Review

TATA Stryder Harris Bicycle | Complete Review | Read this before you buy

The tata range of cycles in India is lesser-known, but higher in quality. TATA Stryder Harris is one of the successful products of the TATA Stryder series. Started in 2009 TATA has been creating premium bicycles and targeting the Adult and Kids alike. In this article, we will review the TATA Stryder Harris Cycle, considering the following

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of purchase. There are few dealerships available for TATA, so we will see what the other options to buy this bicycle are.

If you are wondering if TATA Stryder Harris is a good bicycle to buy, the short answer is,

TATA Stryder Harris is a really good budget entry-level bicycle available in both Single Speed and Multi-Speed variants targeting the Adult segment. There are packed features just like the other popular brands. The Stryder series of bicycles also have a lot of different options from MTB to Ladies Urban bicycles all under budget. This article explains all the features, Pros, and Cons of this hidden gem in the current Indian market.

TATA Stryder 21 Speed
TATA Stryder Single Speed Speed

TATA Stryder Harris Best Features

To begin with, TATA Stryder Harris comes in 2 variants, A Single Speed Variant and a Multi-Speed Variant(Geared bicycle). Additionally, the customer can opt for the frame size ranging from 19-21 frame size depending on the color it comes in. Few of the distinguishable features are,

  • 26-inch or a 27.5-inch variant depending on the size of the rider. The Harris comes in 2 names, TATA Stryder Harris 100 mainly for Kids and Teens, while TATA Stryder Harris 200 targeting Adults.
  • Steel parts and Alloy Frameset add good stability to the entire bicycle.
  • It comes with a Disc and Caliper Brakes combination. A lot of entry-level bicycles do not include a Disc Brake, but Stryder Harris comes with a Front Disc Brake setup
  • Comes in with a 21-speed Shimano Gear setup. Steel Hub and EF-51 shifters make it a strong bicycle overall.

Creating a good bicycle takes time, TATA Stryder Harris 200 is a good example of a Entry Level Multi Speed Bicycle. Without compromising on the quality, there are some really good features packed into this product

Additionally, the feature list also includes,

  • Cotter-less Chain Wheel set with Steel Crank
  • Front and Rear Shimano Derailleur
  • Steel Oversize Black Handlebars
  • Soft Grip for comfortable riding
  • PU Padded with Quick Release Saddle
  • Steel alloy Seat Post

Notable Features: The Quick seat release is a good option to disassemble the bicycle and carry it in a car! Additionally, oversized handlebars and soft-grip are an addition. A lot of entry bicycles provide Plastic handlebars which are of lower quality.

Styling and Color Options

Harris-200 or the Stryder Harris for Adults comes in with 3 pre-defined styles. They include Matt Orange, Matt Blue & Matt Black. 

Usually entry level bicycles are fast movers in Indian Market. There are few color options in any brand. Stryder however gives multi variants in all these 3 graphic options.

Matt Blue
Matt Blue
Matt Black
Matt Black
Matt Orange
Matt Orange

Even though the color/graphics cannot be modified, the Styling option is really catchy and is a definite hit among the Kids and Adults alike.

Price Comparison

Time to look at the price chart for the TATA Stryder Harris. To begin with, the initial price for the bicycle when it was launched in 2015 was around 13k for the 21-Speed Shimano Variant(Multi-Speed or Geared Bicycle). The bicycle since then has gone through multiple changes and it is placed at a really good price range like given below.

For comparison purposes, let us consider a Bicycle from Hero, Hercules, and TATA Stryder with the same features.

TATA Stryder Harris - 200Hero Sprint ProHercules Rodeo A75
Priced at 10K INRPriced at 11K INRPriced at 16K INR

Additionally, the following includes the other variants with 26-inch & Single-Speed Bicycle. The offers keep changing, so recommend checking out the current price from below.

Check out the Price for Single-Speed Variant – AMAZON

Check out the Price for Multi-Speed Variant – AMAZON

Check out the Price for Harris-100 – AMAZON

Pros and Cons

We saw all the Features, time to see what are the best and not so great features about the TATA Stryder Harris.

Pros of TATA Stryder Harris

  • Packed Features at an affordable price.
  • Awesome styling options and variants for all categories
  • Performance and comfort of riding is really good unlike other entry-level bicycles

Cons of Stryder Harris

Even though TATA Stryder Harris is good in a lot of different aspects with which this review has been conducted, there are few misses.

  • To begin with, the bicycle does not come in a 24T variant. This great bicycle will be a top hit among kids below 12 Years. Since the starting variant is 26T, 12+ years can ride it comfortably
  • It is difficult to find this bicycle in your nearby dealership. However, it is available online in the AMAZON marketplace
  • I am critical of TATA’s marketing strategy for its bicycle business! Not a lot people know about this great bicycle.

Where to Buy

After combing through a lot of different authorized dealers in India for TATA Stryder, there is only a handful of the present in the country. However, the presence of Cyclo India(Authorized Dealer) in the Amazon India market place is a great choice to buy.

There are different bicycles that the dealership sells, you can check them out directly from here. All the links provided above are AMAZON market place items.

Final Opinion

A lot of consideration and reading reviews and also trying the bicycle out for a few hours(I wanted to ride it for few days to give a thorough review, maybe TATA reads this and sends me one!!), my conclusion is,

Great Bicycle for any entry level rider. Packed Features, much better compared to their counter parts like Hero and Hercules. Awesome styling and color choice which is bright and attractive. Gears are really smooth and the overall package is top notch.

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