Single Speed Vs Multi Speed Bicycle – The Best Bicycle

Single Speed Vs Multi Speed Bicycle – The Best Bicycle

One of the important question i had while understanding bicycle initially was, what is the difference between a Single Speed Vs a Multi Speed Bicycle? If you are looking for answers, read on to find out more.

The main difference between a Single Speed and Multi Speed Bicycle is the architecture of the bicycle itself. Single Speed Bicycles run on only a single gear while Multi Speed Bicycle have more than 3 gears. This helps the rider spend less energy and ride faster compared to a Single Speed bicycle. Read to know which bicycle is better of the two.

To understand the obvious difference in a much elobarate way, identify the two bicycles in the picture below. Can you point out which is a Single Speed bicycle and Multi Speed Bicycle?

Bicycle type

Bicycle in Forest

As it is very evident from the two pictures above, the primary difference is the system on the rear tyre. The first picture depicts a Single Speed Bicycle which has only one gear that connects the Chain and the Tyre. The speed of the bicycle now depends on how fast you can pedal. The second picture has a gear system on the rear tyre. The basic gear system has a minimum of 3 different gears that sits on a piece of equipment called as a derailleur. The chain runs through the derailleur and connects to the gear. Upon adjusting the gear in your handle bar, the derailleur shifts and pushes the chain to whatever speed is applicable. The below image shows the derailleur for better understanding.

Simple Derailleur
Simple Derailleur

Use of a Single Speed Bicycle

The important question is, if geared bicycles are going to be easy to ride, why buy a Single Speed Bicycle? The Single Speed Bicycle is not a bad type of bicycle by any means. They are still very popular and are being used by a lot of people. Some even consider Geared bicycle as beginner bicycle.

The real need for a Single Speed Bicycle is for the following reasons,

  • Single Speed Bicycles are very affordable
  • They need very little maintenance and can run for years with very little care.
  • Coasting or Cruising without pedalling is very easy and does not affect the single gear.
  • It is a very simple machine. Nothing Complex about it!

There are a ton of great reasons to choose a Single Speed bicycle apart from the ones mentioned above. Single Speed Bicycle promote much better pedalling movement. This results in better bicycle stamina. If you are looking to stay fit and healthy but do not want to spend on excercising separately, consider buying a single speed bicycle. They are very good for providing overall fitness.

There are some really good options to choose from with respect to Single Speed Bicycles in India. Since, most of the single speed bicycles are primarily used for everyday commuting in almost terrain lands of india, Single Speed Bicycles are a better option. This article lists out a lot of very good single speed bicycles that are available at a very reasonable budget prices. Make sure to check them out if you are looking for good Single Speed Bicycles.

Coping up with Hills on a Single Speed Bicycle

The Single Speed bicycle however, can become difficult to ride on hills. The steep climb can make it difficult, as you have to gut out and spend a lot of energy to ride. Even though this is true, there are a lot of things that makes it easy when you ride hills. The primary benifit being, your overall stamina is going to be really good. If Hills are going to be your everyday commute, then riding a Single Speed Bicycle will become almost painless since you get used to the climb. The muscle memory kicks in pretty early and makes it super easy to ride the steep hills very easily.

Riding hills is always going to be more of a mental challenge. If you train yourself to ride the hills, then there is not going to be much difference between a Single Speed Bicycle or a Geared Bicycle. There are few tips that can help in riding the hills with a Single Speed Bicycle. If you are new to bicycling and are going to ride a steep climb or a hill for the first time, make sure to keep these in mind.

  • Make sure there is not a lot of weight on your bicycle. If you are riding a pillion with you, it is better to consider riding the bicycle separately rather than carrying their weight also.
  • If the climb is really steep try to approach it with some initial momentum. Do not ride too fast and hit the climb at an angle. You tend to waste a lot of energy doing that.
  • Try to ride the climb in a straight line and not sway.
  • If nothing works out, use the best transporation known to mankind. Get down and push your bicycle!!

Use of a Multi Speed Bicycle

Not a lot of people would prefer a Single Speed bicycle considering that it does take a lot of physical energy to ride. Multi Speed Bicycle are primarily used to provide multiple speed options. From riding easy, medium and hard. The entire cycle’s design is dependent on the different number of gears that are added to the bicycle. There could be 3 gear system upto 21 gears added. One of the primary use of the

Multi Speed Bicycle or a Geared Bicycle is the obvious ease of riding. Additionally, there are also lot of other use.

  • Geared bicycle makes the life so much easier when riding steeper areas.
  • No need to sweat it out to ride a small distance. If you want to ride slow switch to a easier gear and pedal.
  • Gears also make it easy to ride faster compared to single speed bicycles.

Cons of using a Multi Speed Bicycle

Even though there are a few things that make them a good option in certain places compared to that of a Single Speed Bicycle, the obvious reasons why Multi Speed Bicycle are going to difficult to use is,

  • Multi Speed Bicycle are expensive compared to a Single Speed
  • Maintenance is going to be a huge problem. Derailleur gets stuck with poor maintenance efforts.
  • Rusting of the gears pose a big problem. If the rust is not prevented, the entire gear system gets eaten away badly.
  • Cost of replacement of the derailleur system is again heavy on the pocket

These are really concerning expenses when you are looking to buy a bicycle that will help in daily commuting. Multi Speed Bicycle are primarily useful when riding tougher terrains or sandy, snowy places that will require much higher physical effort.

What to buy? Single Speed or Multi Speed Bicycle

If you are looking out for primarily commuting purpose on an everyday basis and do not want to spend a lot of your money on a bicycle, the best option is Single Speed Bicycle.

Single Speed Bicycle in india are still very popular with even bigger brands like Hero, Hercules, Montra capturing the roadies and urban bicycle markets with very cool line up of bicycles.

If however, you are looking to buy a geared bicycle to tackle your hill commute or even a sandy road or tougher terrain commute, definitely opt for a Multi speed bicycle. Even though they are expensivee when compared to a Single Speed Bicycle, they are going to offer a lot more comfort and riding options when you are going to tackle tougher roads.

Happy riding!

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