How to Ride a Bicycle to work without Sweating

How to Ride a Bicycle to work without Sweating

Trying to ride a bicycle to work without sweating is an Art by itself. If you are riding your bicycle to work, chances are that your sweat can spoil the whole day if you are not prepared to keep it away. There are a few tips and tricks to riding the bicycle sweat-free.

Riding speed plays the main role to have a sweat-free bicycle ride. Slow cadence does not pump the heart rate up and prevents massive sweating. Additionally, carry work clothes separately in a pannier which can make it super easy to change into once you reach the destination. The rest of the article discusses more on how to keep yourself sweat-free in your everyday ride to work.

Cycling to Work
Cycling to Work

Riding Speed

Spending a lot of money on buying all the gears won’t work if your riding speed is erratic. Consider a steady cadence and also calculate how much distance you have to cover in a day. This will make a lot of difference. Even though you cannot control the weather, there are a lot of riders who travel under 35+ Celcius mercury and still don’t break a sweat. The idea is to not pump the heart rate, because pumping heart rate makes you perspire and that in turn brings the sweat out.

The best way to maintain speed is to make sure the road is flat. Since you cannot control how the road is, you can control how you pedal. Keep the motion regular, do not race on the road and suddenly halt for minutes. A lot of times, people use Multi-Speed Bicycle and change gears so often. Avoid doing this and you will find a lot of difference in your effort to ride sweat-free.

Another important consideration includes riding not so heavy bicycles. Mountain bicycles are in general heavier and suitable for mountains only. Trying to ride a wrong bicycle can impact your riding speed. Choose a good urban bicycle, that does not have bigger tires and has a better grip on the road. Ride them out at a steady pace and you would have reduced 50 percent of the sweating by this time.

Bicycling Cadence
Bicycling Cadence

Carry Work Clothes Separately

Carrying work clothes separately is the best solution to riding sweat-free. It does not impact your suit or your ironed formals and perfectly keeps you fresh. If you are riding a long distance every day, this should be the best possible way to keep yourself fresh.

Most often, people use a normal backpack to carry their clothes and work-related items. Even though this is perfectly alright in a colder region, it becomes really difficult in mild to hotter regions because the bag can cause profuse sweating on your back.  The solution is to use a good pannier bag, put it on your back seat and ride sweat-free.

Carrying work clothes is a good idea if there is a place to change clothes in your work. Taking a shower is a good idea before changing clothes since sweat can still cause body odor if you wear clothes immediately on top. Assuming, there is not a place to shower, or your workplace does not have any changing rooms, the next option is to try and keep the perspiration away!

Don’t Carry Heavy Luggage

If you are going to be carrying your clothes and some work-related items(Could be your laptop and other items), keep them as simple as possible. Carrying heavy luggage in your pannier(Again, try to buy a good pannier instead of a backpack) can be detrimental to your riding posture and in turn, affect your riding speed. Multi-Speed Bicycle can help if you are trying to ride with some heavy luggage but riding on an uphill is going to be a challenge and can cause some heavy sweating otherwise.

My simple idea is to keep all work items at work, in case you require carrying items between your work and home(Could be a laptop at the max) carry only that. You can even take 2 chargers for your laptop and put one at home and one in your workplace and that way reduce that luggage load. These are the simplest way that I personally follow which tend to help keep yourself sweat-free in the long run.

Use Anti Perspire Deodrant

If I have to take a short ride to work or any other place, my first choice is to wear a good Anti Perspire Deodrant on. Even though there are a ton in the market and can help you in a lot of different ways, I personally use these only for short rides.

Do not wear a ton of Anti Perspirant as it technically does not work for heavy sweaters anyway. Bicycling on a hot sun and profusely sweating cannot be stopped by a 150INR Deodrant unless you follow the above-mentioned steps properly.

Wear Bicycle Gears

This one has made a ton of difference in how I ride my bicycle to work. Even though I do not own a lot of high-end Bicycle Gears, the real basic ones are a definite must. Apart from protecting your life from accidents, a good Bicycle gear is designed to produce good airflow and prevent heating up of your body. The helmet is really important as it not only protects your head, it also has proper airflow channels keeping your head warm. Sweating can be easily controlled with good head and knee gears.

Also, invest in a good Bicycle Jacket. Bicycle jackets are mainly used to provide good airflow and are also a very good option to ride sweat-free. If you do not have a place to take a shower in your workplace, simply change your riding jacket into your work clothe and not worry about sweat. There are a lot of budget riding jackets that you definitely must invest in for a stress-free bicycle experience. In case you are interested in looking at some really good bicycle gears, check out the article to make your buying choice.

Ride an Electric Bicycle

Sometimes, the option is to not ride a bicycle(Just kidding). If you are really particular about riding a bicycle but have to ride 20Km a day on a hot and humid climate, consider putting your money on a really good Electric Bicycle. The current trend is that people are switching to really good Electric bicycles and are opting to pedal 50 percent of their journey. Sweating can be a real problem if you do all of the above and still cannot control it by any means. An electric bicycle can be your solution! Environment-friendly and is also a very good choice for everyday riders.

Choosing an Electric bicycle again can be a difficult job. In India, electric bicycle is an emerging market. Choose the Bicycle after reading this guide on Best Electric Bicycles in India. Put your money here only if you have tried out all the above since this is not a budget option.

Weather is influential

At the end of the day, whatever you do, the weather is going to have the final say. If you are not riding a bicycle, the weather can make you sweat if it is really humid. So, do not worry much about sweat when you are traveling. Rather, have an option to switch to a good and clean work cloth after you reach your destination. This also increases the possibility of trying to stay fresh all-day.

A combination of all the above steps should be enough to keep you sweat-free day at work! 

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