Fat Tyre Bicycles in India – What Fat Bike to buy in 2020?

Fat Tyre Bicycles in India – What Fat Bike to buy in 2020?

Fat Tyre bicycles in India are fast becoming an attraction among bicycle enthusiasts. With visibly larger tires that make the head turn, Fat Tyre bicycles are finding use among urban cyclists much faster than expected. The Primary use of a Fat Tyre bicycle is to navigate regions with Snow or Sand, but with increasing demand, companies are releasing different versions of the Fat Tyres for Urban usages also. In this article, we will look at the best Fat Tyre bicycles in India. The cycles are graded based on usability, comfort, weight, and price.

Difference Between Fat Tyre and a Normal Tyre Bicycle

The first question that I personally had when looking to buy my first bicycle was, how different is the Fat Tyre Bicycle from a normal Roadster/Urban bicycles.

Fat Tyre bicycles have visibly larger tires, ranging anywhere from 89mm-130mm in Tyre width whereas the Normal Bicycles have a Tyre width ranging from 25mm-30mm. Fat Tyre bicycles provide much more comfort while trying to navigate Snow and Sand, whereas the normal Tyre or the roadsters are particularly for urban usage. Fat Tyre bicycles are fast becoming popular among urban bicyclists for its higher level of comfort and ease of navigating roads, especially in India. 

Why is Fat Tyre Bicycle popular in India?

Fat Tyre bicycles are fast becoming a norm in India especially for its large wheel size and an attractive frame. Apart from this, Fat bicycles are also very much easy to navigate tougher terrains. Sand and Snow are the main areas where Fat Bikes are preferred, but with the roads in India not being cycle-friendly in most of the areas, buying a Fat Bicycle solves the purpose.

Fat Tyres can have pressure as low as 5 PSI and still be comfortable to ride on the urban roads. They can again be used to ride on a sandy beach without much effort, unlike a Roadster. All these advantages are really attractive for the consumers and India is slowly moving towards adapting Fat Bikes for good.

The next section presents some of the top Fat Tyre bicycles in India. There are familiar companies like Firefox, Montra, Hero on the lists and also some lesser-known names which have really good Fat Tyres currently in India.

Top 9 Fat Tyre Bicycles

There are currently some really good Fat Tyre bicycle in India with more to come in the year of 2020. Seeing consumer demand will definitely bring in a lot more different models, but with the currently available models, the list ranks on the following,

  • Features
  • Weight
  • Usability
  • Price

After some good amount of comparison, Sturdy Bikes and Hero Fat Bikes are concluded as really good for Urban usage and available at a comfortable price.

Sturdy Bikes

Sturdy Bikes
Sturdy Bikes

Starting with a killer Fat Bike in India currently, the seller is doing a great job of delivering on a Fat Bicycle experience more than just a product. Out of all the bicycles in this list, only Sturdy Bikes provide a complete Fat Tyre bicycle kit and accessories to go along with a stunning Fat Bicycle.

This bicycle comes with a 21 Shimano Gear and a front suspension fork. The sturdy frame supporting a 26-inch Tyre with a 4-inch Tyre width is a definite winner here. Additionally, the bicycle also has an awesome front and rear disc brake setup. Weighing 23 Kgs the bicycle can be considered a decent in terms of the overall weight since some Fat bikes can go up to 35 Kgs in overall weight. This fairly lightweight Fat Bike is mainly due to the Carbon Steel Frame with which it is made of. The Color is however fixed at a Black and White pattern which seems attractive enough.

Features of Sturdy Bikes

  • 21 Speed Gear 
  • 26X4 Tyre supported by a sturdy and lightweight frame
  • 160mm disk front and rear disk brake setup
  • Carbon steel frame with attractive design


  • After a long search and comparison, I could not find any that seemed to be a problem or a misses. It does take a bit of maintenance compared to a roadster which is true for all Fat Bikes.

One of the major features with the sturdy fat bike is that a complete bicycle kit is provided which in itself is going to save you up with around 2k-3kINR of additional accessories to go along. 

Check the Availability, Price and get your Sturdy Bike from here – AMAZON

Firefox SwagFire

Firefox SwagFire
Firefox SwagFire

This one comes back after a successful Mountain bike launch from the Firefox. Priced at a competitive 25k INR, the SwagFire has a lot of good features that are packed into a well-built bicycle. One of the fastest-selling fat bikes currently, Firefox is also one of the early introducers of the Fat Bikes in India. The Bicycle is coming with a 26-inch Tyre and an Alloy Hardtail Hydroformed body and is also lighter compared to other bikes.

The 21-Shimano gears along with a front and rear fork suspension are really good on the bicycle. It, however, comes in a single color and cannot be customized even at the Firefox stores.

Features of Firefox SwagFire

  • Sturdy Alloy Frame
  • A 26-inch Tyre with a 10cm Tyre width
  • Front fork suspension
  • Disc Brakes with Shimano Gears


  • The bicycle is quite heavy. It comes in at 27Kg because of the steel components on the frameset.
  • Price is close to 10k extra compared to the Sturdy Bikes
  • It does not have support to set up mudguards on the bicycle.

Check out the current Price, Availability and buy it directly from – FIREFOX

Montra BigBoy Fat Bike Series

Montra Bigboy
Montra Bigboy

Montra has been the biggest pusher of Fat bikes right from 2017. There are currently a lot of bikes with varying frame and Tyre size that is available. The Montra’s BigBoy Fat bike series is a great choice for people looking to buy budget Fat Bikes from a quality Manufacturer.

The bicycle price ranges from as low as 8k INR up to 25k INR, with a range of 16-inch up to 26-inch t\yre bicycles. All of these bicycles are more or less available with the following features. Starting with a sturdy Aluminium alloy frame and a 7-Speed Shimano Gear with a rear Derailleur. The Tyre size ranges from 16-inch to 26-inch with a width of 4-inch maximum. Apart from this, the color is a fixed Orange-Black graphic that cannot be customized.

Features of Bigboy Fat Bikes 

  • Price starts as low as 8k INR and goes only to a maximum of 25k INR for the top of the line BigBoy bike
  • Contains a Sturdy 26-inch Aluminium Frame
  • The overall weight is less and depending on the bike can be around 18-20Kgs
  • Contains a Foam, PU saddle that is really comfortable
  • Front and rear Disc Brakes


  • All the bicycles come with only a 7-speed Shimano.
  • Mudguard can be extended but does not come in the stock bicycle
  • Color is fixed, comes only in Orange-black combination

Check out the Availability, Price for the BigBoy range here – AMAZON

Roulik Avalanche

Roulik Avalanche
Roulik Avalanche

Roulik is another India Company trying to make a mark for itself in the Fat Bike segment. This 26-inch frame bicycle comes with a 26-inch Tyre variant only and is available in Amazon India. The company also specializes in Electric Bicycle and is providing a good Fat Bike at a decent entry-level price.

Priced around 23k INR, the bicycle comes with a 26-inch frame and 26X4 inch Tyre. It also includes a front and rear mechanical suspension and an Aluminium alloy frame. 24 Speed gear along with front and rear derailleur setup make this a good option. Additionally, the bicycle looks good and has an attractive color. The colors, however, cannot be changed or customized.

Features of the Roulik Avalanche

  • Good 26-inch aluminum frame and 26X4 Tyre.
  • Contains a front and rear mechanical suspension
  • 24 Speed gear with a front and rear derailleur setup.
  • Comes with additional accessories including Bottle holder, kickstand and Helmet


  • The handlebar has no guide markings for fixing it in the middle perfectly.
  • Seat post quick release was troublesome and wasn’t tight enough.
  • The seat is also positioned towards the back and becomes uncomfortable.
  • Handlebar grips look cheap and do not provide comfort

Check out the Price, Availability of Roulik Avalanche here – Amazon

Hero Warrior

Hero Warrior
Hero Warrior

Hero Warrior is marketed as a Fat Tyre MTB but can still be very much an urban bicycle. This is a beast of a bicycle with a 26-inch frame and a 26-inch Tyre makes it a beast on the road. The bicycle is priced around 24k INR and is a great choice for using in both mountain and urban roads. Apart from the usual specifications, the bicycle comes with a 7-speed Shimano gear setup and a whole-body Alloy frame.

Note: The bicycle is a very good choice for Mountain ranges but can still be a great option on roads. Choose this only if you have a dual purpose, else the weight of the bicycle makes it really difficult for longer rides.

Features of Hero Warrior

  • Whole alloy body with a 26-inch frame
  • It comes with a 26-inch Tyre with a 4-inch Tyre width.
  • Quick-release seat
  • Comes in 2 colors, Matt Black&Yellow, Matt Black&Red
  • Comes with rear and front Disc Brakes


  • 7-speed gear is not very useful on the road considering the weight it carries.
  • Front suspension is a Steel, Coil spring suspension not very useful for the roads

Marlin Thor Fat Bike

Marlin Thor
Marlin Thor

This bicycle is going to look like a Fat Tyre on Steroids! (The Tyres on them are really big). With a stunning 26 inch and 4.9-inch wheelbase, this one is really fat. The bicycle comes from the Marlin Brand of Bicycles India and is one of the best in their segment.

The bicycle contains a Aluminum-Alloy body and is lightweight for the huge wheelbase it covers. Weighing only around 20Kg(Still a lot less considering some of the Fat Bikes are really heavy), the bicycle is a true Fat Bike and is a definite for a Fat Bicycle enthusiast.

The important question, however, is how comfortable is the bicycle on an India road. Fat Tyre bicycles are primarily used in places that are difficult to navigate like Sand and Snow. Considering some of the above fat bikes, that have a 4-inch wheel width they can be doubled up as an urban bicycle. The Marlin Thor, however, is a true Fat bike excellent for Sandy beach rides. If you are looking to take this out for a spin on the road, it is fine and smooth to ride, but riding it every day for work is not going to be the purpose or use case for this bicycle.

Advantage of Marlin Thor Fat Bike

  • The bicycle comes with an all Aluminum Alloy body.
  • Consists of Dual Disc brake.
  • The frame size is at a comfortable 18-inch.
  • It comes with a default Mudguard attached to it!


  • Has a 7 speed Shimano Derailleur. Even though 21-speed is not going to be of much use in a mountain bicycle, it is going to be difficult to ride this out on the roads without the 21-speed gear.
  • The massive wheelbase is going to be difficult to maintain, considering the amount of surface area it will cover and the dust, grit it will accommodate over time.

This, however, is a true Fat Bike in India at a very good price point also.

Check out the Price, Availability of Marlin Thor here – AMAZON

Atlas Peak Big Boss

Atlas Peak
Atlas Peak

A lesser-known Indian brand that I found out to have good reviews on the market. The bicycle is,, to begin with, is on the higher range of the Price Spectrum. Priced at 33k INR, the Atlas Peak Big Boss comes as a Teen/Adult Fat Tyre bicycle. Aluminum body, Alloy Frame/Tyre, and a huge 26-inch Tyre are an additional plus point to this bicycle. The whole point of the Atlas Peak is to appeal to the Teen category and their bicycle does do that.

However, considering the price point, the 21-Gear bicycle has all the features of the Sturdy bicycle but is priced 15k extra. There are no other additional features except the support for mudguard and additional goodies that comes with buying this bicycle.

Atlas Peak Big Boss

  • The Atlas Peak Big boss has the usual specifications. 26-inch Tyre, 18-inch Aluminum Alloy Frame, weight 25Kgs and comes with a 21-Speed Gear


  • The price point is not impressive. At 33k INR the bicycle is not loaded with features
  • The bicycle lacks a Disc Brake at the front. This is going to be a huge let down for anyone who opts for a Fat Tyre

OnTrack Fat Bike Series

OnTrack jaguar
OnTrack jaguar

Another up and coming Indian company that caught my eye while searching for the Fat Bikes in India. OnTrack comes with a really good range of Bicycle. Apart from having an awesome line up of bicycles in MTB, Roadster segments, the OnTrack Fat bikes are real eye candy as well.

The Bicycles appeal to the Teen segment mostly because of the shorter Frame Size and shorter handlebar. OnTrack comes with a very competitive price ranging from 13k INR – 16k INR. The aluminum body and the 21-Speed Shimano gears are a great addition to the bicycle. The currently available 3 Fat Tyre bicycles are Jaguar Series(Yellow, Red), Camouflage(Camo-Stark), Jaguar Frame(Orange and Black). With a wide range of colors and options to choose from, OnTrack is also a great bicycle to check out in 2020.

Advantages of OnTrack Fat Bikes

  • Super vibrant colors are available at a very competitive price range.
  • Available in both 7-Speed and 21-Speed Shimano Gears
  • Appeals to both the Teen segment and Adult Segment(Camo-Stark is a good bicycle for Adults)
  • Adding on to the general specifications like Aluminum Alloy body and the 26X4 Inch Tyres


  • There isn’t much of a disadvantage with the OnTrack except that it lacks marketing. The bicycle on paper looks really solid and even though I have not personally tried it, the bicycle has interested me to buy it in 2020. Maybe folks at the OnTrack can send me one to try for a couple of weeks!!

What is the Best Fat Tyre Bike in India?

At present, with a lot of Fat Tyre bicycles to choose from, Sturdy Fat Bike and Roulik Avalanche are standouts. Additionally, Hero Warrior and OnTrack Jaguar are really good budget options for any Fat bike lovers.

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