Best Bike Helmets with Lights | Cheap & Awesome

Best Bike Helmets with Lights | Cheap & Awesome

With the increase in Bicycle users across the world, there is also a good amount of safety precautions to be taken while riding them. Helmets are absolutely mandatory while riding a bicycle. How about having a cool bicycle helmet instead of the plain ones!

Bicycle Helmets with Lights are usually for night commuters and to be worn not just as a fancy equipment rather to be worn as a safety accessory. All Bike helmets with lights contain LEDs on the front, back and some even on the sides of the helmet in one form or the other. There are helmets that pair with your smartphone, others that have in built sensors. In this article, we will look at all the cool Bike helmets that are not only internationally approved but also awesome!

The following Bicycle helmets are listed based on the Following,

  • These are not specifically smart helmets, rather bicycle helmets with LED Lights. 
  • Affordability is considered. Price cannot be over 200$(There are some smart helmets costing upwards of 500$,topic for a different article)
  • Helmet should be safety-approved by any one international standard. This proves that it can protect the rider and not just be a fancy equipment.

With all of these taken into consideration, we have the following Bicycle Helmets with Lights and other smart capabilities making our shortlist.

  • LUMOS Helmets – The first company to bring Bicycle helmets with Lights
  • Magicshine MJ-898
  • Lival Riding Helmet
  • Mobo 360
  • Coros Omni

In the other article, read more about Affordable Bicycle helmets under 15$ or 600INR if you are interested to make a budget buy!

 LUMOS Helmets

Lumos is an earliest adopter of Smart Bike Helmets especially bringing the LED lights and smart bicycling capabilities to the Helmets. The helmet consists of bright LEDs at the back and front which does make heads turn.

The helmets can then be paired to a bicycle mount which controls the Left, Right indicator. With a push of a button, the LEDs are triggered. The company ships worldwide so you do not have to worry about where you ordering this from.

  • Lumos helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards for safety and does well with Rain also.
  • The battery lasts about 5 hours after using it for 1 month. Even though the company claims it can go on for 6 hours of juice in single charge, i did not hit that number even after 1 month.
  • The helmet looks comfortable and does fit head circumference above 54cm.
  • The helmet comes with a HandleBar mount(More of this below) which controls the LEFT and RIGHT turn signals on the helmet with a push of a button.
  • The helmet also has in-built sensors that can detect when you are coming to a hard stop. However, it did work a couple of times when I tried it but for most part the LEDs did not turn on(The company says its still in BETA, so we can skip this part out!)
  • There is a total of 70 LEDs on the helmet to light up Stop, Turn Signals and Front Flashing Light(10 White LEDs)

Lumos was a startup founded from a Kickstarter campaign and has definitely come a long way. Excellent build quality and innovation has set this helmet apart from its distant competitors!

The helmet is basically indistinguishable from a conventional high end bicycle helmet, with the exception of the LEDs and turn signal control. Adjusting the helmet to my head size was super easy. There is a dial at the back bottom of the helmet, twist it and you can shrink or enlarge the circumference of the helmet. You can even use it to tighten the helmet to your head, and then loosen it when taking the helmet off.

LUMOS Kickstart

The Lumos currently has 4 different helmets, Kickstart, Kickstart Lite, Matrix, Street. Kickstart was the first of the 4 and is still relevant and useful in 2020. After going through a lot of updates on the helmet, the helmet is sturdy and can definitely be a head turner on the street. The helmet comes with 70 LEDs, 10 white LEDs on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 orange LEDs for each turn signal.

Lumos LEDs
Lumos LEDs

The Helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards and most importantly can withstand rain. Even though I could not ride it out in heavy rain because I was afraid the helmet will not work! It works fine in a mild drizzle and does not get affected by the hot summer also.

Turn Signal in LUMOS
Turn Signal in LUMOS

One of the best part about this helmet is the use of the handlebar mounts to activate the turn signals. The below picture shows the 2 buttons that are used for triggering the Turn Signal LEDs.

HandleBar Indicators
HandleBar Indicators

Found this video helpful incase you are wondering how the lights work,

There is no doubt in my mind that you will be noticed by drivers and anyone else on the road with you. Whether you use the flashing mode or the solid mode, you will definitely be seen by others from a long way away. The turn signal will be great when sharing the road with drivers. I always feel unbalanced when using hand signals to indicate turns, but this keeps my hands on the handle bar, with means much greater control and stability.

LUMOS Kickstart – The best and the Not so Best!

For starters, this helmet is a top quality product! Ever since its initial launch in 2017, the company has come a long way in creating quality Bike helmets with Lights.

Top quality Helmet that satisfies international safety standards.
LEDs work seamlessly and are really bright unlike other competitors
Handlebar indicators are great and works really well.
The instant stop LEDs did not turn on in multiple occasions.
Kickstart is in BETA, could not see any negatives with this helmet.
All the newer helmets from Lumos has upgraded on the minor misses.

Magicshine MJ-898 Genie

Another really well made bicycle helmet with light is the MagicShine MJ-898 Genie. This bicycle helmet comes with a packed LED segment to lighten up your entire Helmet. The helmet also comes with a handlebar mount that can control your helmet Turn Signal, Stop Light and also the Front blinker/Strobe Lighting.

Some of the features that Magicshine MJ-898 boasts off are,

  • Front light at 350lumens, Yellow turn signal lights on the sides with red rear light.
  • Comes with a Handlebar Mounted Remote control device
  • Comes with high density EPS foam and serial types of arc solid frameworks.
  • Helmet weight 426g which is fairly lightweight
MagicShine Helmet
MagicShine Helmet

MagicShine Size and Overall Quality

Currently there is only one size available, the helmet should fit head sizes 54-58cm with no problems. However the foam is rather rigid, heads size bigger than 58cm does not fit comfortably. 58Cm is a fairly bigger head circumference but still 30% of the global population have more than 58Cm circumference(Oh yea, i researched that part!). The Helmet comes with a standard safety specification and does feel protective when worn.

Turn Signal Activated
Turn Signal Activated

I like the brightness of the frontal light, backlight signal turns signs. The helmet is light and pretty comfortable.

MagicShine HandleBar Remote

The Magicshine remote comes with a handlebar mount and is designed like a handy remote. This however does feel difficult to press the button while riding. Most people do not find it comfortable to drive single handed. The button requires considerable amount of force to turn the signals or the strobe light on!

Handlebar Mounted Remote
Handlebar Mounted Remote

MagicShine Conclusion – Best and the Not So Best

The Magicshine is a comfortable helmet and works fine. Considering the competition from Lumos and Lival, it cannot be considered Top notch however. Priced on the lower side of the spectrum, you can consider it as a backup helmet for sure.

Lival Riding Helmet

Lival is a very popular name in the Bicycling Helmet sphere and from them comes this really sturdy, well built Smart Bike Helmet with LEDs. In this list of Bicycle helmet with Lights, this is one of the really good helmets that contain Bluetooth Pairing and SOS alert in case of emergency features that makes it stand out from the crowd!

Some of the notable features of Lival Riding Helmet include,

  • Livall helmet LED bike helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards for safety ,Automatic sensor Lighting
  • Bike helmet comes with bluetooth. Pair with the helmet successfully which shows functions with control like turn signals, can listen to music, answer calls and even take photos.(There is a camera at the front, more on that below)
  • Livall smart helmet has SOS alert system in Case of Accidents. Connect helmet with LIVALL Riding APP, helmet emergency signals turned on, sos signals sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately
  • Good quality in built speaker provides a decent listening experience. Even though it cannot match the sound of a quality earphone, the audio sounds fine.

Livall Smart Helmet – Smart Features

SOS Intelligent Rescue

From their own words!

Open the app and set up an emergency contact.Built-in sensor chip, If the head is hit, it will trigger the SOS alarm sensor. If the alarm is not cancelled within 90 seconds, the mobile app will automatically send a help message (including positioning) to the emergency contact set in the app.

That is an amazing piece of technology for sure. The helmet is definitely smart and can perform other awesome things as well. SOS feature does take some time to get used to in any technology, this one should not make a difference.

App Control

Control your helmet using your Mobile App. It takes a simple push of a button to control things like, Light Adaptation” – Controls the light on the helmet depending on the brightness of the surrounding.Additionally, the app lets you control GPS coordinates and even syncs with your Strava.

Helmet Size and Weight

Some of the consumers opine of the fact that the helmet is a bit heavier compared to normal ones, but it is expected since there are built in Earphones and battery packs to juice the whole helmet. The size fits comfortably and can be adjusted easily also. Adjustable straps makes sure that the helmet fits snugly and does not wobble during the commute.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth Speaker coming with the helmet is of good standard. But since this article is not about Smart Helmets, i do not want to carry on reviewing the Bluetooth connectivity of the helmet. Instead, the overall sound seems to be ok and not sub-standard.

Lival Riding Helmet – Best and Not so Best

The best part of Lival Riding helmet is that, The price is at a good 150$ range which is 20$ lesser than LUMOS. Even though i feel that Lumos is a pioneer in Bike Helmets with Lights, Lival comes a close second with the Bluetooth Connectivity and SOS feature. The price is also really comfortable and does not feel like an over spend for sure. Additionally, the helmet meets the safety standards and can perform well in any weather also.

Mobo 360

Found this helmet on Amazon and was in a dilemma if is should include this in the list. The helmet is a stripped down version of a Bicycle Helmet with light. There arent any smart controls like a Handlebar remote or even a Flicker/Strobe light option. The Mobo 360 helmet comes with a LED strip running around the helmet and illuminates the entire helmet.

Coming to the point why Mobo 360 is in the list is because of the CPSC safety standard certified and additionally has got really good reviews on the internet. The Mobo 360 is a great choice for people who are on a tight budget or those who are not interested in the “Smart Helmet” section. The helmet is a definition of Bicycle Helmet with Lights, because there are only lights and nothing else on this helmet

Some of the Features of this Helmet include,

  • 360 degree LED lighting available in two modes.
  • CPSC certified helmets that are size adjustable.
  • Easily remove the inner cap and wash it without any problem

Helmet Size and Fit

Helmet comes with a great ventilation system that comes with a total of 19 openings for good air flow. The size adjustable strap and the knob at the back of the helmet makes it really easy to fit the helmet for any head size.

The Mobo 360 comes in two sizes, small to medium and an adult size which is large to extra large. The straps and size fit can be easily adjusted with the rotary dial at the back of the helmet.

Other than just worrying about the helmet cap, it comes off handily and can be washed. This is also handy rather than worrying about water getting into the light strobe on the helmet.

You can buy the Mobo 360* in 3 different color styles and 2 different sizes (child small / medium and adult large / extra large).

Helmet Lighting and Battery Life

The light is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are already included. The batteries lasts upto 120 hours but it is better to have them replaced every 6 months! Other than that the helmet requires nothing else and can be easy to use without the worry of external charging.

It’s very visible round the entire helmet via the fiber optic cable running round the size. The vents let air circulate to keep your head cool, while the mesh stops you getting any bugs in.

Mobo 360 – The Best and the Not So Best

The best thing about Mobo 360 is that, it is a quality Helmet with LEDs on it. Even though the Light on the Helmet provide minimal use, it is still usable. 

However, The LEDs are really limited on its usability and cannot be controlled with a remote or even a button. It requires turning the light on the Helmet by pressing a button and glows as long as it turns off! If you are really tight on your budget, then Mobo 360 can be a great fit for you! No compromise with quality of the helmet has gotten it to feature in this list of Bicycle helmet with Lights.

Coros Omni

Another top Smart Bicycling Helmet that performs exceptionally well. The COROS Omni Bicycling helmet comes with a Bluetooth Pairing option to play music in a technology called Open ear bone conduction technology. The music is played not using any earphone rather directly through the helmets cheekbone strap! Isn’ t that Amazing. The helmet does have some really top reviews from the bicycling enthusiasts and also holds the top spot in this list of Bicycling Helmets.

Some of the top features of the Coros Omni includes,

  • Polycarbonate shell impact foam provides superior impact protection
  • It weights an ultra light 340g(Compared to some of the helmets that can weight upto 500g, this is definitely light weight)
  • Open ear bone conduction technology delivers rich audio through your cheekbones.
  • Auto LED lights activate based on ambient lighting conditions
  • Easily answer incoming calls; play, pause and skip your music using the handlebar remote
  • Prides itself on a Massive 8-hour battery life with one charge.
Coros Omni Fit and Size

The helmet comes with multiple size and price varies accordingly. The overall fit of this helmet is adjustable with a back strap and knob. The cheekbone strap can also be easily adjusted to make it fit. The size of the helmet is defined at the usual circumference of 58Cm which can be a bit tighter for certain people. Make sure to take a look at the size chart before proceeding.

Coros Omni Adjust Size
Coros Omni Adjust Size
Coros Omni Bluetooth Technology

The Helmet is smart, it connects to your mobile through Bluetooth and can play song. It even has an in built mic to make it easy to attend calls. The best part is that, the Helmet connects to the Remote mounted on the handlebar that can perform the Play, Pause and even attend calls without the need for touching the phone!

Remote Controller
Remote Controller

Another big surprise is the Open Ear Bone conduction Technology. After looking at some reviews about this technology, the Coros Omni has definitely delivered on it. The audio is considered really amazing considering how music flows into your head without the need for touching your ear! This definitely pushes the boundaries for other helmets and could be a potential reason to even consider buying this helmet.

Helmet Lighting and Battery Life

The helmet comes with a really good battery life. Even though the reviews indicate that the battery life is not a magnificent 8 hours, it does come pretty close to that number considering prolonged usage. The lighting however, is not the priority on this helmet. The helmet does not come with any LEDs except the Auto LED Tail Lights. The LED light activation is automatic based on ambient light. You can control these features either through your app or with the included Smart Remote. There aren’t any turn signals to indicate the direction like available in Lumos or Livall.

Coros Omni – Best and the Not So Best

The helmet is an outstanding combination of features like Comfortable helmet with good ventilation, really good audio technology, Clear Microphone and flashing lights for safety. Add to this the SOS feature to the contact of your choice which has to be preconfigured. All of these makes this one of the top performing Smart Helmet in this bicycling segment.

Even though this helmet performs exceptionally well in lot of segments, the main purpose of this article is to lay down the Bicycle helmets with lights. The helmet does not have a turn signal lighting or the front strobe lighting. Presence of these two would definitely propel this beast of the helmet to the top of the list.

Coros Omni Auto LED Lights
Coros Omni Auto LED Lights

Best Bicycling Helmets with Lights – Conclusion

If you are still confused as to what are the best bicycling Helmets with Lights to buy in 2020, consider the following,

  • LUMOS Kickstart or Kickstart Lite – Beast of a Helmet. Almost perfect in this segment
  • Coros Omni – Top performing Smart Helmet with a decent Strobe and Flickering Light
  • Livall Riding Helmet – Decent and powerful Smart Helmet with good LEDs around the Helmet

Bicycle Helmets are really important, not for their aesthetics but for the most important work of all, safety. Do not go out riding without the lifesaver. Choose to buy a cheaper option? Want Budget helmets? Read this article on Best Budget Helmets to know more

Time to let me know what you are going to buy! Drop that in the comments below. Do you have any other Bicycle helmet with lights? Let me know about that in the comments below as well.

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