Bicycle for Short riders [Top 4] | Exhaustive Review

Bicycle for Short riders [Top 4] | Exhaustive Review


With the recent developments in this modern era, Cycle industries have been able to figure out the problem and find the solution for the cyclists who are short. Many short people’s wish is to ride the bike that medium and tall people ride .
Experts suggest that if you are short then you can adopt the Folding cycle which is the best option since the Stem height and the Seat post height make it comfortable for the shorter riders.

A 12inch and 14 inch wheel size folding bikes are suitable and comfortable for shorter people and the advantage is that even children can use them which ultimately saves money also. Also, another option is that riders can even choose a 20 inch wheel size and BMX bikes also make it suitable but make sure that the handle bar is aligned to your height and check whether it fits you.

For clarity purpose, we will assume that the short adults will be those around the 4 – 5 inches in height.

Short Riders Cycle List

Problems faced by Short riders

Many riders who are short face the difficulty of finding the bikes that fit them. The question here that arises is – Why can’t they ride?. There are no where to be looked different among others . We went and asked few short people to share their views about not able to find and ride on a perfect bicycle for them. The common problem those people has their say about this is that their toe couldn’t able to touch the ground, getting into the bicycle for a ride creates a huge problem for them.

When asked to few others , they hilariously said that “they cannot borrow their friends bike or bicycle and while cycling around people around them gave a weird look since the bicycle is short”. The good news is that companies have developed cycles that could fit them!!
The next section we will talk about the Top 4 bicycles especially for short riders.

Cycle Models For Short Riders

Here, we have categorised the Top 4 Bicycles based on Reliability, Durability, Quality and Affordability.

VAUX BMX 155-20T


VAUX BMX 155 Short Bicycle

This extensive and lucrative Vaux-BMX 155- 20T is originally manufactured in Mumbai by a company called ‘Vaux’. This bicycle is ideal for riders of 3’11’’- 4’3’’. This bicycle looks sturdy and gives perfect feel to look for a ride. Short riders who face the difficult can opt for this cycle since it satisfies and fulfils the need of the short riders. This exclusive BMX cycle from Vaux is known for its sublime performance. Take this bicycle for a ride on a rainy day and you will definitely forget the feel of not able to ride on a bicycle since you are short. Never say no to this bicycle before opting in since it is budget friendly bicycle and definitely worth the money you invest on this bicycle. The price is extensively astonishing to look since it is above 8000 INR.

Before jumping into the final conclusion, let’s look at some of the salient features of this bicycle.

  • It comes with one self assembly tool-kit high load bearing capacity, high tear strength and cut resistance
  • The brand name Vaux is known for its quality and a trusth-worthy company
  • It is made of PU saddle which has extra toughness and durability, high load bearing capacity, high tear strength and cut resistance
  • Powerful V-brakes with alloy brake lever offer better braking due to greater traction, reduced wheel hop.
    V-brakes don’t add strain on the hubs or spokes, they are easy to maintain and replace

Check out the product link incase if you wish to purchase – AMAZON

BTWIN Tilt 120

BTWIN Folding Bicycle for short riders

The BTWIN tilt 120 product is manufactured by Decathlon and it has sparked interest among the short riders and even for the normal riders due to its features, easy to carry on nature, agility etc . Lets see the benefits of this exclusive bicycle,

  • A Value for money, 6-Speed folding bicycle that is compact and portable
  • Frame, Fit & Comfort
  • Delicate balance between looks, the ability to be as compact as possible, and performance.
  • The BTWIN Tilt 120 comes equipped with a 6-Speed Rear Derailleur whose shifting is controlled by grip shifters.
  • Powerful Brakes & a comfortable wide handles
  • 20 Inch tyres which offers superior grip and stability

Check the link to buy this product – DECATHALON

Pedalease Military


Pedalease is a Mountain Short Bike

This is high quality stylish looking folding bike, brand new in box. The bike comes 85% assembled and will need some fittings. Its easy to assemble but we strongly recommend its fitted by a professional bike mechanic to make sure all safety checks are
done before you ride. Everything in one box and fast India delivery (to mainlands only additional charges to other areas).
The size of the folded bike is just 95cm(L)*33cm(W)*74cm(H), easily fit in your car boot. Really easy to fold up, it takes you no more than a minute to do it after the first time.

Some of the features of this bicycle are,

  • Steel Frame with suspension Fork Steel with suspension Rim: double wall
  • Alloy rim Gear system: SHIMANO Tourney 21S(shifter:TX-30,
  • Freewheel: 7pcs,TZ-21; F/D:TX50; R/D: TZ50) Tyre: 20*1.95, WANDA Tube:butyl Hubs: ED steel with quick release Spoke: black Brake
  • Front and rear disk brake Handle bar &stem:alloy Seat post: alloy
  • Pedal: Plastic Chainwheel/crank: steel

Check out the link to buy the product – AMAZON

Mountain Landrover Foldable

Landrover Mountain Folding bike for short riders

This extensive and lucrative model Mountain Landrover has satisfied almost every short riders because it fits in the need of the short riders . By looking at the reviews of the people who had bought them looks optimistic. The overall body looks bigger in picture but the seat adjustment capability gives good option for the short riders who are closer to 5 inches in height. If you are above 5’2″ then this should be a definite buy considering the amazing design and look it offers.

Here are some of the brief features which makes it unique,

  • The brakes themselves are cantilevers, which work better with drop bar levers than the V-Brakes
  • Cross bike versatility & tailor-made for young/pre teens
  • Lightweight aluminium FRAME with decent clearances
  • Braking is made even easier by cyclo-cross style auxiliary levers that can be operated from the bar tops
  • There’s plenty of room for bigger touring tyres and/or mudguards,
  • Both under the fork crown/seat stay bridge and between the front centres.

Check out the cycle here – AMAZON

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