Which Bicycle is Good for Weight loss? | Outdoor & Indoor

Which Bicycle is Good for Weight loss? | Outdoor & Indoor Bicycles

Bicycling is a great way to keep yourself fit. It trains your lower body and at the same time engages your core. The overall physique improves very much and helps in keeping you fresh. One of the questions that have always been asked is, which bicycle is good for weight loss?

Recumbent Bicycles or Bicycles with lower back support are really good for people trying to lose weight. These cycles are otherwise called as exercise bicycles and are stationary cycles and used indoors. There are also really good outdoor bicycles which help in losing weight. Read the article to choose the right bicycle for your weight loss.

Is bicycling good exercise to lose weight?

Even before we begin with the types and sizes for exercise bicycles, let us try to answer this question. Like I mentioned right at the beginning of this article, yes bicycle is a great way to keep yourself fit. But how well does it help in losing weight? Can you cut down some weight in a given period of time by just cycling alone? The answer to this question depends on a lot of other factors.

Bicycle is a really good exercise, but to lose considerable weight in a given amount of time, diet is also a key factor. Since the bicycle provides the much breathing exercise that is going to in turn break down the food to generate energy(Biology 101!), the diet will also be a key factor to convert that into weight loss.

There are definitely ways to lose weight along with bicycling on a daily basis. To know more about the types of exercise bicycles that are going to fit your weight loss journey, choose either of the following.

Is it good to cycle indoors or outdoors?

The answer really depends on the nature of the person trying to lose weight. The primary intention is to get the muscle moving. Cycling indoors lets you work the lower body more because there are no variables like weather and traffic to cycle free. However, cycling outdoor lets you not get bored and is also mostly preferred. Early morning cycling is a really good day to start the day.

Different Options for Bicycling

Jumping to the main intention of this article, there are primarily 5 different types of bicycles (2 are indoors & 3 outdoor). All of these bicycle along with their pictures for understanding is given below.

Recumbent Bicycles

Welcare Recumbent Bicycle
Recumbent Bicycle

Highly preferred bicycle for weight loss. If you are stout and need to get your body moving in some form, choose this bicycle. The picture below shows the important backrest(lower backrest is very important if you are starting out for the first time). Note: Recumbent bicycles are very helpful for knee-related issues. The pedal position is much further than any other bicycle types and does not hurt the knee if any form. The lower backrest provides really good support 

There are various features that come with recumbent bicycles. Primarily includes,

  • Multiple options to assist pedaling.
  • Timer and calorie burn counter is very informative and accurate since you are cycling indoors.
  • Various fitness modes are pre-built. This way, choices like calorie burn, fat loss, high intensity, low intensity can be chosen and tried without any problem.

Upright Bicycles

PowerMax Upright
Upright Bicycle

Another indoor bicycle type that however does not have lower back support. As the name suggests, the cycle is upright and it is up to the individual to stay upright throughout the cycling period. This improves the overall posture and also helps in providing the actual bicycling feel. Consider the cycles are bicycles that do not move. There is a footing to the bicycle that keeps it in their place without moving. The picture below makes it very clear.

  • If you want to take up bicycling indoors, this is the best option.
  • Knee’s position and seat position are upright and suits people who are not really stout. This provides a very good overall posture and blood flow.
  • Price is lower compared to the Recumbent Bicycle

Road Bicycles

Almost all Outdoor bicycles fall under the Road bicycle category. These are made for urban roads and usually, have a good solid frame. There are a lot of good Road bicycles that suit normal weight loss needs starting from a budget Single Speed bicycle to Multi-speed bicycles. If you are in confusion as to what the difference between Single Speed and Multi-Speed bicycles are, make sure to read the article for more information.

In India Road bicycles are highly preferred. You can choose from a ton of bicycle brands and models. The list below contains a few that is good for a stout person. However, almost all bicycle should fit the person with weight loss needs!

Mountain Bicycles

The Mountain Bicycles are primarily made for the mountains! The demands of uneven terrain are huge and that’s why mountain bicycles are going to tackle. With larger frames and thicker tires, these are really sturdy with good suspension systems in place to handle all the uneven roads. If you are looking out for outdoor bicycles that are going to specifically handle the mountain regions only, then Mountain bicycles are recommended. However, note that it’s not really recommended to start riding a mountain bicycle directly, the primary reason being they are really heavy(Compared to both the Road and the Hybrid bicycles). The other reason being, it’s not easy to ride a bicycle on an uneven road unless you are used to the terrain. This is kind of a demotivating factor and that is why mountain bicycles are used mainly by people who have to specifically tackle a mountain or uneven roads only.

Hybrid Bicycles

There is going to be a scenario when you are living in a place with a bit of terrain and also uneven roads(Mountains for example). That’s where the hybrid bicycles are very useful for. They are going to give a lot of comforts for the back and for the body to handle Mountain/uneven roads and at the same time maintain a good speed on open flat terrain. They are usually lighter in weight and also have thinner tires. There is a good suspension system to handle uneven roads and also a sturdier and bigger frame to tackle weight. Hybrid bicycles are a excellent choice for riding outdoors and also target weight loss. A person weighing 95+kgs would definitely need a Hybrid bicycle because of the excellent frame strength and its ability to handle uneven roads even for that weight.

Now that you understand all the different types of Bicycle that are going to help you with your weight loss journey, check out some of the best Bicycle in India for weight loss.

Best Indoor Bicycles for Weight Loss

Welcare Recumbent Exercise Bicycle

Welcare Recumbent Bicycle
Welcare Recumbent Bicycle
Welcare is a well-known name in the exercise bicycle circuit. This Recumbent bicycle has a 5KG magnetic resistant flywheel and the 8-speed tension controller that works well. The display unit is really nice and provides a ton of important information. Starting from Calories burnt up to heart rate monitor, this one is going to be a very good bicycle to target exercise and weight loss. Supports up to 120Kg heavy person easily without any slightest rustle.
Coming to the other side of the pillar, Recumbent bicycles are always priced higher compared to all the other bicycles in the market. This is because of the good quality and sturdy back support added. The bicycle is priced around 28,000 INR and definitely worth the price.
1. Good looking and strongly built bicycle
2. Comfortable for heavy people
3. Sit and start pedaling. Very easy to use.
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Proline Recumbent Bicycle

Powermax Recumbent Bicycle
Proline Recumbent Bicycle
Another good recumbent bicycle in India is Proline. With a 4Kg flywheel and up to 8-speed tension controller, this bicycle is a very good alternative to the Welcare Recumbent Bicycle. Though both the bicycle do not differ much in what they offer, there are few differences in terms of the monitor unit on the Proline. There are fewer options to choose from on the Proline but it is enough if you are looking to lose weight and not go into hardcore cardio every day. Also, it does not require any electricity as the money gets powered when you press on the pedal.
Choosing the Proline is a good choice if you are on a budget. Priced well around 20, ooo INR, it is a very good steal for the price as there are no quality Recumbent Bikes below this price point.
  • Budget price compared to all the other Recumbent bikes
  • Cozy and sturdy
  • It can fit up to 110Kg on the bicycle without any problem.
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Welcare Upright Bicycle

Welcare Upright
Welcare Upright

Upright bicycle is another option for indoor bicycling. Welcare has its own Upright bicycle line as well. The choice is definitely yours, however, as mentioned in the section above, upright bicycle is not for very stout people. The position is a bit uncomfortable on the back and the knee. Supports up to 95Kgs on the bicycle.

It has a 5kg magnetic flywheel and a free speed adjuster. There are around 8 levels of higher resistance that can be set and it really gives you a thorough workout albeit mainly on your lower body. Priced around 10, 000 INR, definitely suits the budget and at the same time provides good overall exercise to the body.

1) Holds up to 95Kg easily.
2) Easy to assemble if you have basic mechanical knowledge.
3) The digital display helps a lot and is positioned appropriately.
4) Protective cups on joints helps prevent dust deposit after applying grease or oil.

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Powermax Exercise Cycle

PowerMax Upright
PowerMax Upright
Another wonderful machine at a very attractive price of 10,000 INR is the Powermax Exercise bicycle.

The seat is good and has a small backrest that is really good. The ergonomics of the handle bar at the seat is good and comfortable to support the back at the backrest. The price point is unbeatable as good discount sales can bring it as low as 8k INR. Make sure to check the link below or above to know the current price of this awesome bicycle.


  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Very easy to get off and on the bike. However, be careful as it can be a bit higher for shorter people
  • Extended to prevent any movement or tipping when exercising.
  • 8 levels of manual training intensity.


  • The monitoring system can be inaccurate at times.
  • Seats are adjustable only to some extent.
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Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike

Proline Upright Bicycle
Proline Upright Bicycle

The cheapest of all the exercise bicycle with excellent quality is this upright bicycle. The price point is unmatchable compared to the quality of the bicycle. Priced as low as 7k INR which does fluctuate considering offers and discounts. Make sure to check the link to know the current price.

Coming to the quality and build of this bicycle, it is well made with some good eye for minimal things. Pretty much easily fittable by yourself, the bicycle comes in vibrant color. It has a 5kg flywheel and a free weight controlling knob. Bicyclemonk definitely recommends this upright bicycle for all exercise and weight loss journey. Not so hard on the pocket and at the same time can support up to 95Kg on the bicycle without any problem it is worth the money.


  • Easy on the pocket. Costs the same price as a decent road bike.
  • Has all the usual monitor and sensors in place
  • Supports a maximum of 95Kg on the bicycle.
  • Very good color option and also does not take so much space.


  • Sensors are not really accurate enough. Do not rely on them.
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Best Bicycle for Exercise – Who’s the winner?

To choose the winner, let us first categorize you based on the following questions. More like ask yourself these questions!

  • What’s your weight?
  • What’s the purpose of this bicycle. Weight loss or overall fitness.
  • Like to ride indoors or outdoors?

Once you have answers to these questions, you are either going to choose from Indoor bicycles or outdoor bicycles. Outdoor bicycles are a great choice if you do not have to go through the hassle of traffic and dust every day. If you are interested take a look at the top 10 budget bicycles in India to buy.

If you are an indoor person, the choice of a bicycle depends on your weight class and your weight loss type.

  1. If your weight above 95-100 Kg, choose the Welcare or Proline Recumbent bicycles.
  2. If your weight is below 90 Kgs and is looking for weight loss, definitely consider the Powermax upright bicycle.
  3. If you are below 90Kgs and are looking for overall fitness, the Welcare and Proline upright bicycles are the definite choices

“Happy riding!”

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