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Top 5 Bicycle Electronic horn under 1000

In this article, we discuss the bicycle horns, why you need them and how exactly it makes different when your ride. There might be many qualms rising as soon as you hear about electric bicycle horns since we have been for long using the mechanical horns. Before looking into the pros and cons of electronic horns, let us quickly look at the need of bicycle horns.


Bicycle horns – The need of the hour

The need of electronic bicycle horn or any type of horn is to caution the fellow riders travelling in the road. But sometimes especially when you are riding many others who go on the road except the cycles might not give any attention or pay notice about you riding the bicycle, they might be reluctant or they might have left you unnoticed. Most often the mechanical horn which you use in the bicycle might not be loud that at times of any emergency you cannot alert the fellow riders and that eventually serves as a problem.

So the technological advancements have made it easy for the bicycle riders to be noticed by others in the road in order to alert them by introducing Electronic Bicycle horns rather than the typical mechanical horns.

Let’s jump straight into what makes the Bicycle horns important and also look at things that are drawbacks at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Bicycle Horns- A Generic Overview

The Pros are as follows,

  • The ability to produce high decibel sound
  • It can easily alert the fellow riders on the road.
  • Easily attachable
  • Lack of wear and tear and gives  almost twice the better life than mechanical horns.
  • Budget Friendly
  • Value for money
  • Compatible on all types of bicycles.

Though we look for positives, there are certain downfalls to consider. But the best part is that there are comparatively very few and common negatives compared to the huge quantum of positives. Let’s see


  • Since it is electronic it may run out of battery
  • During rainy days, there are chances of it getting deteriorated when the water goes inside, while certain horns are waterproof.
  • Sometimes the high decibels will be disturbing the common people on the road.

Now we have seen what the positives are, time to look at the top 5 electric horns currently in India for all bicycles. This is our view of the bicycle horns after considering lot of reviews.

FASTPED electric horn

This  best budget electric horn has proven its efficiency and has satisfied many riders. It is also good looking and easy to use kind of electric horn and the reason is that it is easy to install and it is compact in nature and there are decisive opinion that this has been profitable for many riders. It is also lighter in nature so it does not bring any huge difference in the weight of the handlebar. The notable features to look for as follows,

  • Budget friendly
  • Attractive looking
  • Loud horn
  • Compact and user friendly

Check out the link below incase if you wish to purchase this product – AMAZON

Lighter House electric horn
Lighterhouse Electric Horn

The Lighter House electric horn can fit on to any type of bicycle even with tricycles. Though it is not a waterproof electronic horn, it can tackle even in rains and works fine. It comes with a unique model which has a police siren horn with different variations in the sound. It is small in size but it looks subtle and the sound produced is also not too loud which doesn’t disturb the fellow riders and the common people with it’s loudness. The advantage as it looks is that even if the battery goes out of use , you can purchase the battery in common electrical shops which are easily available. The features of the Lighter House electric horn are as follows,

  • Small in nature and reliable
  • Affordable
  • It can fit in with any types of cycles
  • Not too loud or not too soft, gives a proper output of sound.
  • Different types of sounds which makes this product distinctive.

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Lista 056 – Electric horn
Lista 056 – Electric horn

The Lista 056 electric horn is made of rubber so it is firm and sturdy. It can used as a bicycle horn and even for bike horn which makes it a multi-purpose accessory. Its loud decibel sound comes from the capacity to produce sound up to 140db which is strong enough to alert the pedestrians. The LED light is also a part of the horn, so you can easily use it in dark places and no need to turn your phone light or depend on any street lights in areas which might not have them. Installation is easy and so you can do it on your own , and it can fit in easily and does serve the purpose.

It comes with a button wire which is 154 inch long and thus as we discussed above it can be mounted easily and it can sustain for long. The other advantage is that the Mounting Bracket  is made of retractable silicon rubber belt and it is suitable for handlebars that has 14inches in diameter. Now, lets look at the features of this product and why we should have this one,

  • The horn switch can be installed in any location of your choice
  • The base is made of high grade silicon and you can even ride with this in tough tracks like in mountains etc
  • The shell comes with ABS
  • It is waterproof
  • There are three modes namely, Glare Low light and Strobe mode and with three modes of arbitrary switch

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Bulfyss – Electric Horn

bullfys electronic horn, front and back side.


The Bulfyss electric horn is one of the best horns because of its sublime performance and its ability to produce the loud horn which is very useful. By looking at this electric horn , we can infer that it gives a very good performance and most importantly it can be clipped and unclipped easily in order to prevent theft which is being most common nowadays. The bicycle horn servces multipurpose as it has both horn component, front lights and back lights attached as one. Hassle free setup as it does not demand heavy capacity of battery. It only requires 1 AA battery.

The lights are easily rechargeable and it can be done with a help of USB cable. It gives an excellent performance with 120 dB and it is loud enough to alert the vehicles. The bicycle front light is made of 250 Lumen that ensures safety of the rider especially during night. It can be installed easily and it is very convenient to use.

The materials that are used to make this horn are a major point to be understood. The Mounting Bracket  is made of Retractable Silicon and hence strong enough to tackle and prevent breakage due to wear and tear.

By looking at the significant features, we can even have a better understanding of this horn,

  • Easily available and it is very easy to use
  • It comes with a long  15.4 inch length of button wire which would suffice the need
  • It can be easily mounted  on any place of the handlebar for convenient usage
  • Mounting bracket is retractable silicon
  • The  Front Light is Rechargeable and it comes  with built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery along with the product
  • 2.5 hours full charging with micro USB, USB cable included in package
  • The Dual LED  Red  back light runs on 2 AA batteries
  • It comes with 3 modes namely Glare Mode, Low Light mode and Strobe Mode .

Check out the link in the description in order to directly purchase the product for your convenience – AMAZON

Afpin – electronic horn


The Afpin electronic horn is the final in our list of Top 5 electronic horn in india. The Afpin electronic horn comes with a USB Rechargeable bicycle light and it does justice on the road since there are many positive reviews being put on about this Electronic horn . It is not only cheap but also very handy and the most important requirement has been solved as the Afpin  electronic horn is Waterproof.  This highly helps us during the rainy days or wet rides. This electronic horn has a very good sound producing capacity for this budget and it can produce upto 120 dB . The LED has very good brightness as such it is also a multipurpose product. Let’s take a look at the important features of the Afpin electronic horn,

  • USB charging and easy to charge
  • It is affordable and an efficient electronic horn.
  • It is Waterproof and produce bright light
  • The Bicycle light has 3 modes
  • It has a very loud sound and it is more convenient to use.

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