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Best Bicycle Lights in India | Night Riders Special

Best Bicycle Lights in India | Night Riders Special

In this article, we take a look at the Best Bicycle Lights in India that are really popular among the Nightriders. These lights are priced nominally only since they aren’t costly anyway. It is important to use the Bicycle Lights to help yourself during Night(Riding mostly on Highways where the traffic is thin, it is important to stay visible to other commuters). Also, make sure to use good quality Lights to keep yourself safe all the time.

There are primarily two types of lights that can be used in a bicycle, starting from the Rear Light, to help you look ahead and also the Taillight or the Strobe light to help the other commuters know you are riding your bicycle. This article discusses both of these types.

The upcoming section will help you in making a good buy with these Bicycle Lights with quality, price and durability kept in mind.

Bicycle Light


Bulfyss Front & Rear Bicycle Light

Bulfyss Front and Rear Bicycle Light combo comes at a good price and is also a decent buy for all budget bikers and not so frequent night riders. This light is a simple combo of the Front Light(Which has a clamp and a torchlight attached to it) and a decent rear light/strobe light(LED attached to a good plastic mold). The combo looks good enough for the first time buyers.

The following is the gist of reviews/comments regarding this product on website.

The mounts are made up of quality plastic, they hold the lights properly as long as the screws are tightened down well. The flashlight is also detachable from the post attached to your handlebars so you can use it independently in case you’re camping in the dark. It’s very bright and it has 3 types of modes: Super bright, bright and rapid flashing brightly. This flashlight takes 3 AAA batteries and its focus is adjustable as well. The product quality and fit and finish are good. So it feels this is a very good product. The Three mode lighting options also very helpful and the light focuses well.

Front Light:
1. The standalone headlight is good
2. The stand/clamp/grip is decent.
3. Not easy to fit in and remove multiple times. The ease of use is decent for this price point anyway.
4. Not a plug and play device. So, leaving it on the handle is a risk to the theft.

Tail lamp:
1. The radius of the clamp is big in size. Good for mountain and terrain bicycles. Not so much for kid bicycles.

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Lista056 Rechargeable Bike Horn and Light

Lista is a prominent name in the Bicycling circuit. This Rechargeable Bike Horn and Light combination is a good buy since it does the work well. Quality build and also priced at a reasonable rate for all bicycling enthusiast. If you are looking for a good price point with quality and durability this will be your light to buy, for any for short to medium rides this light is really good. The following is a gist of the review/comments on this light on the Amazon India shopping site.
Its a good light to get noticed/seen by oncoming traffic or in the rearview of the vehicle ahead of you.

The device is rechargable which is good for short journeys, but for longer night journeys you will have to carry a secondary light as it will dim out eventually. Also it cant be used again with a set of new batteries as it can only be used by charging it with a port. The charge lasts long enough (3 hours and even more in the highest luminosity) It sits well on the handlebar. The electric horn is loud and I wonder if anyone will want to use it because everyone will stare. The light itself has three modes, high and low power, and flashing mode. The high power mode is very bright.Rear Light – Pros:

  • The blinker is good and grabs attention, and you will be seen by oncoming traffic, as well as drivers ahead of you will pay attention. Use this the most.
  • The low beam is not so bright as expected. To be used if the road itself is illuminated already.
    The high beam does not have sufficient throw to light up the road, enough to see the potholes or speed breakers, even at normal speeds.


  • It looks a bit loose in kid bikes. Unless you know how to place it properly.
  • Not suitable for long-distance night rides(More than 4-5 hours). Since the battery drains a bit faster and might have to replace with secondary ones.

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MachFally QD001

This pocket-sized dynamite is a top-notch product and is sure for the bicycle enthusiasts. Super good build and priced as a premium product is a definite buy for the bicyclers out there. Priced around the 1000 Rs mark, make sure to buy this product for a great light experience for all the Night Riders!

The light itself is priced at a good rate because of the quality of the build. Not so big but fits snugly into any bicycle you give it to. From kid’s bicycle to Terrain and Mountain bikes fits really well and is a must buy.

From the reviews on the Amazon India, this is the gist of some of the reviews,


  • Really good light for the price point and is a must-have for night riders
  • Rechargeable battery up to 6 hours of charge.
  • It is a 180 lumen light and does present better lighting compared to all the lights above.


  • The brightness of the light tends to decrease after certain months of usage
  • 180 lumen is sometimes not bright enough for darker roads

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Fastped Bicycle Zoom Head Light

This is a good product again at the price point above the average. Useful for longer night rides and is a definite buy for all the bicycle enthusiasts.

The gist of the review/comments on the Product in Amazon India is given below.

The product is nice, came in well-packed condition.  The light output is good, it is a little bit heavier and keeps tipping forward from the rubber strap that holds it. It is a good product as its visibility is so nice it can go far away up to half a kilometer. Light is bright enough to show your presence on the road and even see the road best thing is rechargeable and easy mounting on the handlebar. This product is a good deal for the price point offered.
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Like mentioned at the top of this article, always make an informed buy as all these products are aggregated based upon good reviews on the respective online e-commerce sites and you are required to take your own informed decision.

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