Best Bicycle Helmets in India | Affordable and Durable

Best Bicycle Helmet in India | Affordable and Durable

This article is going to directly focus on the Best Bicycle helmets in India. Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for a budget helmet? Or are you an everyday commuter looking for a good helmet to protect your head, or are you looking for a premium helmet to protect you? This article handles all these categories with the best recommendation. You can close your eyes and trust us and buy these depending on what range in the price you are looking for.  Two factors are kept in mind before making this list, the helmet should be durable and not some cheap product that does not work. It should also be affordable and not be priced hight. So this list consists of Bicycle helmets online that you can buy in India easily.

Even before we look at the list, keep in mind that Cheap Bicycle Helmets are nothing but plastic caps and will not save your life. It is of no use whatsoever, instead invest in good Bicycle Helmets for adults(Bicycle helmets for kids are also in this list) and ride safe.

The list consists of Bicycle Helmets that are affordable(Some are priced above 3000 Rs) and is the best bang for the buck in terms of quality of the helmet offered also.

Note: We will start this list with some affordably priced helmets but make sure to check out the last section for our pick of the best bicycle helmets you can buy online.

Strauss Cycling Helmet

Strauss Bicycle Helmets
Strauss Bicycle Helmets

Strauss Cycling Helmet has been around for some time now and has got a good response among the cyclers. Starting with not only affordable but also semi-durable Helmet, this is definitely a good buy under the 1000Rs mark. Even though we feel, investing in safety gear is of utmost importance, please take a look at other helmet ranges also before deciding to stick with 1000Rs helmet.

However, if you are on a budget and are not a really frequent traveler, this one is a no brainer. Available for both kids and adults and varying sizes, this brand is making good affordable helmet with decent quality also. The gist of the customer review on is given below.

Strauss Helmets fits really nicely and has an adjuster at the back as well to make your fit perfect. Helmet lock has multiple versatile adjustments and it does not move around, stays on the head firmly. It has comfy paddings in necessary places, so it feels like I’m not even wearing any helmet. Feels premium inside & out. Consists of various colors and the Quality also seems good,
  1. Consists of an inner cushion/padding which is very very important
  2. Good ventilation and does not suffocate the kids/adults
  3. The adjustable strap makes it really easy
  4. Snug fit and does not move


  1. It does not contain any LED at the back. Might have been an excellent addition
  2. Limited range of colors when compared to other helmets

Check out the Price here – AMAZON

Cockatoo Helmets

Cockatoo Bicycle Helmets
Cockatoo Helmets

Another top budget helmet is the Cockatoo that is priced around the 1000 Rs point. This Bicycle helmet for adults is conveniently priced so that it is affordable. This helmet, however, is covered in plastic outside unlike the Strauss helmet and is recommended to go for only if the Strauss in unavailable.

Just as mentioned in the above section, Helmets save lives, and it is not advised to go for cheaper products with life savings Bicycle gears. Also, find the gist of the customer reviews on

This is basically a thermocol molded helmet with a plastic coating. It has 21 holes for venting. The thermocol is sprayed grey. Plastic is glued onto the thermocol at “strategic” points. There is a fore-fin which can be fitted onto the helmet. Since it is mostly thermocol, it is weightless. The straps are the only weight that adds weight to the helmet.

The helmet feels like it can survive minor fall but dents in the process. The overall sturdiness is lacking a bit but can be used for Kids rather than adults. It is breathable and kids don’t feel like there is a heavy lid on top.

Pros :

  1. Lightweight
  2. Got a good head adjuster
  3. Decent Padding inside. It does withstand sweat and dust but requires cleaning frequently.
  4. Contains a lot of different colors for both kids and adults


  1. The outer shell is made of plastic, Polypropylene to be more exact and does feel a bit cheaper.
  2. It does not feel good if riding faster, because of being light in weight, tends to slip a bit to the top of the chin

Triumph Bicycle Helmet

Triumph Bicycle helmets
Triumph Bicycle helmets

Triumph Bicycle helmets are a recent add-on in the Indian market. In just a matter of months will expand its base and products. This specific type of helmet can be used as both a Skating Helmet and a Cycling helmet. Priced at a mid-range (Around 2000Rs and above). This helmet brand is a good choice if you want a premium helmet but are a little bit short on price.

The following is our opinion on this product and recommended for commuters rather than hardcore cycling enthusiasts.

Highlight: In this list, this is the only helmet that has an added LED at the back of the helmet. This is a super cool addition for Night bicycle riders.


  • All their helmets look good and stylish.
  • Made using lightweight but very durable fiber. The foam used on the inner side is also of good quality
  • Has nicely designed and integrated vents for air circulation
  • Can be used by both men as well as women


  • Limited Range of colors.
  • Yet to prove on professional bikers but is a good buy for the everyday commuter

If you are a commuter(To and Fro from work type of a rider), this is a no brainer recommendation.

Check out the price here – AMAZON

Schwinn Bicycle helmets

schwinn Bicycle Helmets
Schwinn Helmets

Schwinn Bicycle helmet is premium, high-quality helmets that just deliver the bang for the buck. If you ever want to take a fall and come out unscathed, only this helmet can do that for you. There are countless testimonials on how this helmet saved lives and just helped people escape with just a scratch. Even though this Helmet brand is manufactured in the USA, it is sold in India is a strong recommendation from Bicyclemonks.

The following are the gist of the Customer Reviews on both and website.

This Couldn’t beat the price or the overall design: good venting, very lightweight, sturdy overall. Got a really good cushion inside and feels premium end to end. The overall sturdiness adds to the better deliverability of the helmet. It can be used by adults at this point but there are multiple Schwinn Bicycle helmets also available.


  1. Probably one of the Best in this list(Premium helmets and not the budget helmets mentioned above)
  2. Extremely sturdy and very sleek design.
  3. Cushioning, Ventilation is very good
  4. Has a snug fit


  1. The strap can be a bit of a problem for first-time users, because of a dual clip type of strapping.
  2. Priced above 3000Rs, can be a problem for budget buyers.

NOTE: Safety is paramount while riding a bicycle, and bicyclemonks recommends only sturdy and quality helmets. This one is must-have if you want to take up cycling seriously. 

Check out the price here – AMAZON

Best Bicycle Helmets – Conclusion

All the four helmets mentioned above are a really good buy for the price. Each one has its own pros and cons and we are here to help you choose the best to save you from an accident.

  • If you are looking for a budget helmet – Go for the Strauss directly, no questions asked. Best budget helmet. Priced below 1000Rs
  • Incase, Strauss is unavailable, the next immediate choice is the Cockatoo helmets.
  • If you are an everyday commuter – Riding to and fro from work, then choose the Triumph – Best for riders who have to ride in traffic, got a really good ventilation system and absorbing pads to keep you dry.
  • If you can spend 1000Rs more then invest it in the best helmet of them all – Schwinn Helmets.

Note: All these helmets are marked as best for their individual categories, price points, and usage. Even though there are really good sports helmets that can be used, they don’t solve the purpose of everyday commuters. Hence, these are marked as useful under the individual sections.

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