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This website contains articles on everything bicycle. All these articles are from months of research that I made before my first bicycle!

I'm Barath, the guy behind bicyclemonks. I have been a bicycle lover for the last few years. Nearly every weekend, you can see me riding a bicycle along the coast in India. After making a ton of research to buy my first bicycle, i have learnt a lot from that. This website is dedicated to share everything about bicycle. Enjoy your riding experience!

[Top 5] Budget Bicycles to buy

This article contains all bicycles with gear and also the ones without the gear. It is advised to choose the best bicycle depending on their use case. Since all the bicycles are given a similar warranty and guaranty period, it is a very safe and durable bicycle to own.

Choosing your bicycle can be  pain considering the options that is out there. If you are really looking out for bicycle or related accessories, this is where you can buy them. Hit the Button below!

Join Hundreds of Healthy People

Bicycling is a very good way to stay in shape all year around. Spend 10 minutes a day cycling and stay healthy. You can choose from a range of health specific bicycles that are specifically designed for enthusiasts.